The final Harness Racing Quiz - Answers

1. When Yulestar won the 2002 Free For All at Addington in 2:22.9 who’s record did he break?
A. Robalan
B. Armalight
C. Lord Module

Answer: B - Armalight (old mark 2:23.5 in 1981)

2. How many New Zealand Cups has Jim Curtin won?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3

Answer: 2 - (Bee Bee Cee 1994, Terror To Love 2001)

3. Name the horse with the title of a Doors song that won the Franklin Cup in 2009?
A. Roadhouse Blues
B. Rider on the Storm
C. Light My Fire

Answer: B - Rider On The Storm for John Dunn.

4. What is well known trotting trainer Luk Chin’s day job?
A. Surgeon
B. Cardiologist
C. Anaesthetist

Answer: C - Anaesthetist at Waikato Hospital.

5. How long was it between Addington raceway hosting its first race and hosting its first New Zealand Cup?
A. 5 years
B. 15 years
C. 25 years

Answer: A - First race 1899, first NZ Cup 1904. ​


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