Stable Shout - Steve Dolan

This month’s Stable Shout winner is Steve Dolan.

The Stable Shout is a monthly award to recognize trainers who are going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service to their owners. 

Steve Dolan was nominated by Dale Moffat, who had the following to say: 

"Having been an owner/ breeder for the last 35 years and racing the stock that showed some potential with three different trainers over that time I am fairly qualified to give an opinion on trainers and their communicative skills.

It has always been a gripe with me on the lack of communication from trainers, and I know this to be a problem,talking to other owners who don’t hear from their trainers from one week to the next.

I have a trainer now who is brilliant at keeping I touch regularly, by that l mean at least twice a week , sometimes more, and he has been known to video my horses while they are doing track work as well, a bit of a buzz too, I can watch them in work.

I can’t speak more highly about Steve Dolan and the way he keeps me informed about any of my horses that are inhis stable, and for that I would like to nominate him for a morning tea shout!"

Steve Dolan will now receive $100 to shout himself and the staff morning tea to celebrate their wonderful performance in customer service. 

If you would like to nominate your trainer for a stable shout, please email Jess Smith explaining why they deserve to win [email protected]


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