South Of The Bombays’ graduation series

June means winter - but for us here at The Park June means back-to-back racing every Friday night, which for you means there is no shortage of racing opportunities for your horse/s and every reason to keep your horse in work over the coming winter months.


One exciting addition to the racing programme here at The Park for June (and further into July) is the introduction of our 'South Of The Bombay'  graduation series.

The ATC is aware that a great % of our available racing population go into hibernation after the last of the CD meetings and with only a handful of Cambridge meetings left for the season after the Jewels, it is hoped that such a series will provide a continuity of racing opportunities for horses who traditionally wouldn't see themselves been competitive here at The Park, much like the previously run 'Grass Track Graduation' series of recent seasons.

This series will target R40-65 pacers and will once again, like our up-to-R49 races that we have recently been programming, be selected from the bottom rating upwards.

With a $14,500 stake for these races, once again there is every reason to keep your horse in work over the coming winter months and race here at The Park against like-for-like horses.

Full series conditions can be found below and in the programme of June 22.

 "These races are primarily targeted for horses who have mostly raced at north island tracks outside of Alexandra Park during the 2017-2018 season.

Eligibility Criteria: Since August 1, 2017. All to be totalisator starts. (1) A minimum of two starts at a North Island track outside of Alexandra Park or Cambridge, or (2) A minimum of two starts at Cambridge plus one other start at a North Island track outside of Alexandra Park or (3) Alternatively a minimum of three starts at Cambridge.

These criteria do not preclude horses who have had starts at Alexandra Park so long as they meet any of the other eligibility criteria.

The fields for these races will be selected from the lowest rating upwards and will be divided based on ratings.

Preferential barrier draws may apply should there be a sufficiently wide spread in the ratings in either of these races.

The club reserves the right to modify conditions for this series of races if required."


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