Operation Inca Update


Two men are charged with administering a substance by injection to a race horse on the day of a Group 1 race, it was revealed in Christchurch District Court on Wednesday morning.

The identities of the men, plus the details of the horse and race are suppressed but the charges laid by Police claim the men did so “in order to gain a pecuniary advantage, namely the winning stakes”.

The two men were among nine people to appear, or be represented by legal counsel, in Court as a result of Operation Inca, an 18-month investigation in to race-fixing in the harness industry.

It was the first appearance for one man, aged in his 50s.

In total 13 new charges were levelled against defendants, mostly related to races previously declared in court documents as being at the centre of the investigation.

One race not previously the subject of charges is now at the centre of two race fixing charges against two men.

Three people, all previously charged with drugs-related offences, had further, similar, charges filed against them.

High Court appeals against the discontinuation of name suppression were due to be heard last week, but were then deferred until next Thursday, December 13.

It is believed this may now be held on February 7 next year.

A case review is slated for March 25.


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