Herlihy home from hospital after rib injury


Leading reinsman Tony Herlihy is expected to be on the sideline for at least a month after a race spill at Alexandra Park on Friday night.

Herlihy was tipped out of the cart behind C K Spur after it received a sudden and severe check from War Machine, forcing him to lock wheels with Realmein.

“I’ve cracked a few ribs around the back, which are worse than the front apparently (pain-wise),” said Herlihy on Sunday afternoon.

“I’ve actually had them before, when I crashed with Sharp And Telford (1995).”

The race was called off after C K Spur became prone on the track and Herlihy was dispatched to Auckland Hospital for two nights.

“I only got home this morning (Sunday).”

Of the incident itself, Herlihy said he didn’t have any time to react.

“It happened that quick I didn’t see it coming.

“The horse outside me has ducked right down on me and flipped me straight up and out of the sulky.

“I’ve hit the ground straight on my side without being able to get my hands out to break my fall or anything.”

While there is no exact time line, Herlihy expects that he will be missing from race night for at least a month, and off stable work for at least half of that.

“We will just have to see how it is and how it heals.

“The bones don’t heal as quickly as you get older so I’d say it would be close to a month.

“Luckily I’ve got a good staff around me that have been with me for a while and know exactly what to do.”

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