Dunn resigned to losing record while in USA


He’ll be on the other side of the world by the time it happens, but Dexter Dunn has no doubt he’s about to lose one of his most significant records.

But he’s quite ok with it.

The former World Driving Champion announced on Wednesday that the wheels are in motion for him to relocate to America for four months following the Harness Jewels, with just one final stage of his visa application remaining before the trip is confirmed.

And while he’s been quietly working away on things in the background, the ten-time premiership winner has come to the realisation that his New Zealand racing record for wins in a season of 229 has a very limited remaining shelf life with Blair Orange almost odds-on to set a new mark before the end of July.

“I think there’s no doubt he’ll break it,” Dunn said.

“The way he’s going at the moment, the new mark could be quite significantly higher too and I’ll be one of the first to congratulate him when he does it.

“Records are made to be broken, that’s why we set them.”

While the outside world has made a rather big deal of the Orange against Dunn race this season, the two good mates haven’t let it impact on their friendship and Orange was one of the first people that Dunn told of his decision.

“I obviously told my family, but then it was the likes of Cran (Dalgety) and Blair and everyone has been really supportive.”

Once the final stage of the visa process is completed, Dunn will have the green light to go over to America and with the help of former Kiwi and close friend of the Dunn family, Chris Ryder, he’ll look to make it in the tough harness racing scene.

“I have obviously spent time over there before, but I feel like I’m going over now with a much larger base of contacts than I’ve ever had.

“It’s always been something bubbling away under the surface but Chris was over a couple of months ago and we had lunch and he suggested it to me again.

"Initially again I didn't really think much of it, but then I woke up one morning and decided that it was now or never really."

Initially the plan is to be based in America for the next four months, missing key meetings here in Australasia such as the Breeders’ Crown but the intention is to be back for the New Zealand Cup meeting in November.

“Who knows what might happen, but I’m keen to get over and give it a good go and see what happens.”

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