Catch Driver Cadet of the Year - Kaleb Bublitz

Leading up to the announcement of the winner of the 2019 Catch Driver Cadet of the Year we are highlighting the contenders and their involvement in the harness racing industry.

Kaleb Bublitz is the Northern representative after winning his qualifying round.

The 19-year-old is employed by Arna Donnelly in Cambridge and currently holds his trials licence and will be embarking on a Junior Driver career in the near future.

His involvement with the industry became hands on when he got into Kidz Kartz around eight years ago.

“I’ve been involved in Kidz Kartz for a long time, since I was 11 or 12,” said Kaleb.

“I competed in the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Cup three times and that was a thrill to be able to take part in that. I learned a lot from my time there. I was also lucky enough to represent New Zealand in Australia in their Mini Trot competitions a couple of times in Tamworth too.”

“That was actually a highlight in my career so far.”

When it came to qualifying for the Catch Driver Cadet of the Year final Kaleb felt he was more prepared this year to tackle the task.

“I tried last year in the qualifying heat and it was my first year, so I was pretty much going around for experience I guess you would say. But this year I came in and I thought well I’ve done it once before, so this year I know what I’m in for and I’ll give it a decent crack,” said Kaleb.

“I found the time trial challenge without the stop watch really tricky in the qualifying heat.”

“Getting the overall time wasn’t too bad but getting the sectionals right was a bit of a test. But I was over the moon with how I went in that.”

“I found the general knowledge ok, some areas I was strong with and others I weren’t so good with. So I guess that balances things out.”

Kaleb credits his employer, Arna Donnelly, as his mentor. Acknowledging her guidance as a big factor in his progress.

“Arna is really good at giving me advice. But she also lets me figure things out myself which is really good because I learn better that way sometimes.”

“She’ll help me out if I’m really stuck on things, but she likes to let me try and work things out on my own first and I really respect her for that.”

Beyond Cadet of the Year Kaleb has some exciting times ahead in the next few months, so expect to see a lot more of him in future.

“My goal is to make a career out of driving. I’m about to get my junior driver licence so I’d like to get that first win on the board and carry on from there.”  

“One day I’d love to eventually make the Junior Driver Championship.”

“It’s just a huge thrill and an honour to make the Cadet of the Year final. My family is thrilled to bits too; they were over the moon when I told them I had made it in. They are all coming to the awards too which is really cool.”

The 2019 Catch Driver Cadet of the Year final was held on July 24th, with the winner announced at this year’s annual awards ceremony at Addington Raceway on September 28.  

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