RIU - Industry Advisory to all Trainers

Trainers should make themselves aware of Rule 1004AA which was adopted at the recent annual conference.

The "one clear day" rule may directly impact upon training routines as it prohibits horses being administered any substance, by any means, on the day preceding which the meeting is to be held.

This means that from 12.01am on the day before the race no trainer shall administer any substance to their horse. In the event of a two day meeting some exceptions may be made, but only under the direction or supervision of a club veterinarian, Racecourse Inspector, or Stipendiary Steward.

Trainers also please note that in addition to sub-rule (6), which provides for the disqualification of any horse connected with a breach of the rule, that the provisions of Rule 213 (1)(c) shall apply which empower a Stipendiary Steward to scratch any horse from a race that has had or may have had administered to it a prohibited substance.  

Attached here is a chart which trainers may refer to for the avoidance of any doubt.