Auckland Trotting Club - Friday 14th September

Meeting: Auckland Trotting Club – Friday 14th September TrotTechPromo


Form Analyst: Andrew Fitzgerald

Track Distance: 1006m   Surface: All Weather

Best Bet(s)

Race 4: (3) Chevron Supreme


Best Value Bet

Race 9: (7) Benson Boys


Early Quaddie R2-5



Late Quaddie R7-10



Race 1: 5.46pm

Selections: (8) The Player, (1) Great Fantasy, (6) Mackerelli, (2) Stow

Suggested bet: (8) The Player

Comments: (8) The Player – is a handy maiden resuming from a top trotting stable – trial win was strong and market watch on this runner. Tough to beat.

(1) Great Fantasy – continues to be right around the mark of late – a maiden win isn’t far away for this talented type.

(6) Mackerelli & (2) Stow – have both shown ability in recent runs and off the front tape must be included in your multiples.

Ratings: 8/1/6/2/4/7/9/10


Race 2: 6.16pm

Selections: (5) Wheretheresawill, (12) Pekeson, (9) Jetson Hunter, (6) Cheer The Major

Suggested bet: (5) Wheretheresawill

Comments: (5) Wheretheresawill -  wasn’t far away from a smart type last start on this track – drawn well and expect him to head forward and be tough to run down.

(12) Pekeson – caught the eye storming home last start on this track – expected to improve with that run under his belt – leading chance tonight.

(9) Jetson Hunter – broke at a important time last week – drawn to get a cosy trip – upset chance.

(6) Cheer The Major – is a well bred colt who has won a trial strongly here – an aggressive Brent Mangos might head for the front tonight and prove hard to beat  - tote watch.



Race 3: 6.47pm

Selections: (8) Monaro Mia, (5) The Hulk, (9) Realmein, (10) Speeding Spur

Suggested bet: (8) Monaro Mia

Comments: (8) Monaro Mia – was a strong winner here last start and has a handicap start on her main danger tonight – nice price around here – eachway.

(5) The Hulk – is stepping up strongly in grade here but his recent runs at Cambridge have been strong and although his course stats aren’t great here he can handle this grade and upset them here.

(9) Realmein – is finding the handicaps tricky but he continues to run on strongly – same likely here – place.

(10) Speeding Spur – is the Rowe Cup winner who is resuming here. Tonight he has to start of the 50m back handicap. That’s a tough ask with some talented types starting 35m/25m in front of him. He’s got bigger races they are aiming him for – expect to see him running on strongly but would want a better price or a big tote or stable push to look at backing him to win tonight.

Ratings: 8/5/9/10/4/3/6/1


Race 4: 7.17pm

Selections: (3) Chevron Supreme, (5) Authentic, (6) Divine Justice, (11) Whitehaven Beach

Suggested bet: (3) Chevron Supreme

Comments: (3) Chevron Supreme – will be at a short price tonight from her good barrier and her ability shown at the trials and workouts. Hard to beat.

(5) Authentic – continues to find a few better in recent runs – drawn well and Tony Herlihy in the cart tonight – place best.

(6) Divine Justice – did well in her first look around Alexandra Park but loves to find one or two better – drawn a touch wide with a strongly supported runner drawn better. Place tonight.

(11) Whitehaven Beach – finished on nicely enough last week – has been strongly backed in the markets lately – money shows confidence – place best tonight though.

Ratings: 3/5/6/11/2/7/9


Race 5: 7.47pm

Selections: (10) Angus Burga, (11) Bar Room Brawl, (4) Prince George, (12) Janson

Suggested bet: (10) Angus Burga - Eachway

Comments: (10) Angus Burga – has resumed in wonderful form of late – 10m tape isn’t a issue for him – close to picking up another well deserved victory.

(11) Bar Room Brawl – has ability but manners let him down last start – if the right Brawler turned up he could deliver the knockout blow.

(4) Prince George – stepped, trailed and finished on not too bad for his first up run in a while – expect improvement and value place bet tonight.

(12) Janson – finished on strongly for 4th last start – talented and can storm home again here.

Ratings: 10/11/4/12/9/13/3/2


Race 6: 8.16pm

Selections: (6) Baquero, (3) Trojan Banner, (4) Recco Lover, (7) Lynbar Rose

Suggested bet: Boxed Trifecta

Comments: Small and tactical field with two Ray Green runners drawn well.

(6) Baquero – has her chances in the hands of the leaders tonight – if the tempo is set at a fair speed then she can zoom home over top of them – place best.

Stable mates (3) Trojan Banner & (4) Recco Lover – are likely to both head forward from there good barriers and be lead/trail here – if they are able to get away with it in front they’ll be tough to run down while (7) Lynbar Rose – is in desperate need of some luck in her racing – another shocking barrier drawn tonight but she’s been finding the line strongly – place again tonight.

Ratings: 6/3/4/7/2/1/8/5


Race 7: 8.47pm

Selections: (5) Make Way, (10) To Sir With Love, (1) Ideal Maggie, (2) English Rose

Suggested bet: (5) Make Way - Eachway

Comments: (5) Make Way – will likely be well supported in the markets from the Ray Green barn with David Butcher in the cart. Good enough to finish 4th in the Jewels last season – expect him to head forward and be tough to run down.

(10) To Sir With Love, (1) Ideal Maggie & (2) English Rose – are all must includes in quinellas and trifecta bets. Drawn to be on the speed or in handy spots in an event which could easily be a walk and sprint here.

Ratings: 5/10/1/2/9/4/3


Race 8: 9.17pm

Selections: (6) Star Galleria, (1) Mach Shard

Suggested bet: Quinella

Comments: (6) Star Galleria – is the class horse who resumes here tonight – workouts have been strong and expect him to be ready to roll fresh up. Plenty of chat around saying he’s come back bigger and better than last season.

(1) Mach Shard – is off the front tapes tonight after a smart victory last start – stand is a question mark but his talent is there and he can play a role here.

Ratings: 6/1/3/5/4


Race 9: 9.47pm

Selections: (7) Benson Boys, (5) I’mallaboutthebase, (4) Gottabearose, (6) The Lone Ranger

Suggested bet: (7) Benson Boys - Eachway

Comments: (7) Benson Boys – put in a massive run last start when forced to sit three wide for the last lap. Smart type who can sit back and let them go to war up front.

(5) I’mallaboutthebase – hasn’t been far away in recent runs and with her gate speed you would expect her to be in front here and giving them something to run down.

(4) Gottabearose – held up but got out late to finish on into third – drawn well and expected to head forward – eachway claims while (6) The Lone Ranger – put in a brave effort last start to only go down by 0.7L – leading junior in the cart. Eachway.

Ratings: 7/5/4/6//4/8/9/10


Race 10: 10.13pm

Selections: (3) Jakira, (2) Crackared, (5) The Persuader, (6) Got A Beauty

Suggested bet: Boxed Trifecta

Comments: Even bunch to finish the nights racing.

(3) Jakira- was a touch disappointing after getting a cosy trip last start – drawn well in a even field.

(2) Crackared -  wasn’t far away a couple of starts ago – drawn well - (5) The Persuader – has been killing his chances with bad manner lately. At his best he’s a chance here while (6) Got A Beauty – wasn’t far away last week. Eachway chance.

Ratings: 3/2/5/6/1/4/8/7