Owner Survey Results



During 2017 the Owners Sub Committee rolled out a survey via the HRNZ website which was available to all willing owners to participate.

The aim of the survey was to best determine a range of factors involved in ownership, and provide feedback going forward on how the ownership experience can be improved.

One of the most interesting factors to come from the survey was around how owners chose their trainer.

58 percent of owners surveyed indicated that they chose their trainer based on having a personal relationship with that person previously. This meant that they had met the trainer prior to owning horses, through being at the races or were introduced through other friends involved in racing.

A further 41 percent of owners said that they had previously had horses with their trainer and were satisfied enough to return to them for business. 23 percent chose their trainer on reputation.

When it came to the most important attributes when considering a trainer the most important points noted were that there was integrity and a good reputation, and that the trainer was a regular communicator.

In terms of communication the owners felt that the most preferable form of communication from their trainer or syndicate manager would be in email form, closely followed by phone call, text message or newsletter. And when questioned about the frequency of communication, weekly was the preferred option by a resounding 62 percent.

While some owners were satisfied with the level of communication they received some were left feeling dissatisfied. Indicating that they were the ones to chase trainers for information about their horse, for some that led to them leaving that particular stable.

These findings show that through networking on race days or at racing functions there is a strong opportunity for trainers to grow their client base, just by being introduced to new people and making a connection.

It also shows that if the relationship, communication and customer service are solid from the trainer or syndicate manager this will lead to potential repeat business with these owners and reputation of course from that will follow.

While the numbers around individual ownership formed a narrow majority, syndication made up 48 percent of owners surveyed and 20.3 percent of those owners were in more than one syndicate.

When it came to the racing club aspect of ownership, 76 percent of owners surveyed said that they were recognized as a winning owner on race day. 12 percent were not and ten percent were recognized only sometimes.

In terms of being recognized as an owner in general on race day 55 percent indicated they were recognized, 44 percent were not.

Support was also strong around current Club Bonus Schemes, the current $1,500 Maiden Stake Supplementary and a first time winner bonus.