Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc - Thursday 8th March 2018

Meeting: Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc – Thursday 8th March 2018 TrotTechPromo

Form Analyst: Andrew Fitzgerald
Track Distance: 1007m Surface: All Weather

Best Bet(s)
Race 10: (15) Editorial
Race 11: (3) Glenisthebettor

Best Value Bet
Race 8: (5) For The Corz

Early Quaddie R2-5
2,6,9,12/1,5,7/2,4/1,6,10,13 - $24 gets you 25%

Late Quaddie R8-11
5,6,12,13/1,2,4,7,8,12/8,15/3,11 - $24 gets you 25%

Race 1: (5.27pm)
Selections: (12) Zoned Scarlett, (5) Our Foxy Lady, (6) Wayward Roc, (11) Taimate Raffa
Suggested bet: (12) Zoned Scarlett – Eachway, More place then win.

Comments: (12) Zoned Scarlett has changed stables for tonight event and had shown ability in Canterbury. This looks to be a slight easing in grade. Each way claims.
(5) Our Foxy Lady is starting to build a handy enough start to the career, from a handy barn so must be respected here.
(6) Wayward Roc made a mistake on his trotting debut but his trial runs had been impressive before that. Dexter Dunn on at Addington means you must respect him.
(11) Taimate Raffa hasn’t done herself any favours in her first eight runs but her run on the first day of the recent Kapiti Coast meeting was handy enough and will take her close with a repeat performance.

Ratings: 12/5/6/11/2/15/14/13

Race 2: (5.52pm)
Selections: (12) Honour The Bet, (2) Dodgethebullet, (6) Christie Marie, (9) Walk Like A Man
Suggested bet: (12) Honour The Bet - Place

Comments: (12) Honour The Bet gets his best chance to pick up his maiden victory and his latest run at Ascot Park only 1.8L behind Hedonist Franco is leading form in this event.
(2) Dodgethebullet will be well supported with Dexter Dunn in the sulky and Tony Stratford. Tough draw to work with from the stand start but is a must for quinella and trifecta bets.
(6) Christie Marie will be paying decent money in this field today and her recent runs in Canterbury area have been good without winning, easing back in racing grade here.
(9) Walk Like A Man gets into a winnable race tonight and last starts run was as good as Honour The Bet. Win chance.

Ratings: 12/2/6/9/11/7/4/15

Race 3: (6.18pm)
Selections: (1) Classie Margaret, (5) No More Change, (7) Calendar Girlz, (3) Sliver Dale
Suggested bet: (1) Classie Margaret - Eachway

Comments: (1) Classie Margaret run 3rd behind a couple of handy horses last time here and drawn well again, will get the best possible trip and looks a great eachway chance in this field which lacks that bit of quality.
(5) No More Change finally broke through for that must deserved win last time and it was penalty free too so she stands in the same grade. Drawn a touch wide but has good course stats.
(7) Calendar Girlz has been disappointing lately and drawn wide here. Good enough to beat all of these on her best day and has Blair Orange in the cart.
(3) Sliver Dale has drawn well with an aggressive driver on, upset chance in this field today.

Ratings: 1/5/7/3/9/1/2/6

Race 4: (6.43pm)
Selections: (4) Get It On, (2) Mach O’Melley, (1) Whata Razzle Dazzle, (11) Be Holme Be Three
Suggested bet: (2) Mach O’Melley - Place

Comments: (4) Get It On will be at short odds today with the black book run last time at Waikouaiti, Dexter Dunn sticks with from a handy barrier. Hard to see this one not going close.
(2) Mach O’Melley has had plenty of word around for him and has changed stables again, Blair Orange in the cart, must be respected.
Whata Razzle Dazzle drawn to do no work from the ace barrier draw here and has won three average workouts. Place claims from here.
(11) Be Holme Be Three has been going along nicely at the workouts lately, drawn to do no work early and have one last crack at them. Place claims best.

Ratings: 4/2/1/11/9/15/3/7

Race 5: (7.08pm)
Selections: (10) Blarney Babe, (1) Easton Foxglove, (13) Excellent, (6) Depend On Washie
Suggested bet: (10) Blarney Babe - Eachway

Comments: (10) Blarney Babe is another one who had plenty of talk around her before here debut and comes back to Forbury racing here which looks to be a drop back on her recent races. Drawn well and looks to be the value bet in this wide open field.
Dexter Dunn sticks with (1) Easton Foxglove has come up favourite with the Dexter Dunn factor and the barrier draw, improved efforts in recent runs, each way claims.
(13) Excellent hasn’t put her best foot forward at the races lately, workouts good but she is lacking that winning punch. Handy horse when right, must have.
(6) Depend On Washie qualified well and the draw works out well with scratching. Handy stable so must be included.

Ratings: 10/1/13/6/16/9/8/15/14

Race 6: (7.33pm)
Selections: (8) Jeddy R Ya Ready, (9) Playboy’s Brother, (5) Daiquiri, (6) Its Elvis
Suggested bet: (8) Jeddy R Ya Ready

Comments: (8) Jeddy R Ya Ready goes on top for me with his good manners and recent form which has been very good. Brad Williamson jumps off top drive the stable mate but i don’t think we will read too much into that as the stable mate is a tough one to get on with. Eachway claims from in this small event.
(9) Playboy’s Brother continues to jump out of the ground with Dexter in the sulky and in this small event he must be respected.
(5) Daiquiri drops back in a grade a bit here and latest run behind Ace Commander was good, manners are the key with this mare and if she was to trot the trip she’d be tough to beat.
(6) Its Elvis has always had the ability but the manners can let him down at times, small field so a must have for multiples.

Ratings: 8/9/5/6/1/10/7

Race 7: (7.58pm)
Selections: (13) Whatasista, (17) Gorilla Playboy, (18) Pres The Belle, (12) Say Your Pres
Suggested bet: (13) Whatasista

Comments: A wide open Junior Driver’s field here with a 14 horse field here so anything could happen. So handy horses here who will need to bring their manners but are leading chances. (13) Whatasista & (17) Gorilla Playboy have both been in good form and have handy juniors attached, manners are key with them and they are must have’s in your multiple bets.
(18) Pres The Belle will have to circle the globe to win this but has an inform junior driver on and from a good form stable while (12) Say Your Pres has the services of Sheree Tomlinson and has a recent workout win has her ready to win this.

Ratings: 13/17/18/12/11/10/14/2

Race 8: (8.23pm)
Selections: (5) For The Corz, (6) Bontz, (13) Smooth Mara, (12) Gunpowder
Suggested bet: (5) For The Corz - Eachway

Comments: (5) For The Corz put in a handy run behind Van Laddie last start at Addington and from the Brad Mowbray stable you must respect this runner. That form is the best in this race and i expect them to roll forward and be tough to beat.
(6) Bontz keeps putting in solid runs lately and drawn well here, another chance for the Teal campaign to pick up another win with trainer/driver Kirstin Barclay in the sulky.
(13) Smooth Mara has been putting in solid runs since joining the Graeme Anderson barn, drawn to do plenty of work but with Dexter Dunn in the cart you know he’ll be put in the race at some stage.
(12) Gunpowder is a tough guy who has traveled around to most points in the country lately, appears back down in Dunedin and from a tough draw he appears to be a thin end of First fours chance.

Ratings: 5/6/13/12/9/3/11/10/12/1

Race 9: (8.48pm)
Selections: (12) Port Hanover, (2) Power Surge, (1) Double Rainbow, (4) Jakira
Suggested bet: (12) Port Hanover - Place

Comments: Another junior drivers event that is a wide open event, its tough to split a few here but my top four in this event are
(12) Port Hanover, (2) Power Surge, (1) Double Rainbow, (4) Jakira
Others that add to the picture are (8) The Director & (3) To Ri Alby

Ratings: 12/2/1/4/8/7/15/10/14

Race 10: (9.14pm)
Selections: (15) Editorial (8) Hurricane Banner, (16) One Direction, (10) Dying To See You
Suggested bet: (15) Editorial - Win

Comments: (15) Editorial picked up another well deserved victory last start, trialing wel and is the best horse in this field. Tough to beat.
(8) Hurricane Banner put two good wins together before a disappointing run last week, drops back in grade but the stand start is an issue.
(16) One Direction has changed stables and with his best form he is a place chance in this field.
(10) Dying To See You did well on a bad track last start, stand start is idea and can make a flyer and end up in a good spot, upset claims.

Ratings: 15/8/16/10/6/5/4

Race 11: (9.39pm)
Selections: (3) Glenisthebettor, (11) Happy Styx, (2) Mickey Jay, (4) Nerve Of Steel
Suggested bet: (3) Glenisthebettor - Win

Comments: (3) Glenisthebettor is the queen of Forbury that’s how much she loves it here, drawn well and this field isn’t strong. One of the best bets of the day for me.
(11) Happy Styx has the ability to be a player here, Dexter Dunn in the sulky and has placed in better fields then this.
(2) Mickey Jay continues to battle around the traps and comes up with a nice draw here, upset claims for your quaddie.
(4) Nerve Of Steel nearly caused a huge upset at Addington last week, drawn well and if he brings that form he can win this.

Ratings: 3/11/2/4/5/9/12/7