Taranaki Kidz Kartz News

Taranaki Kidz Kartz recently competed at the Kapiti Coast meeting for just the second time. Members of the club proudly report on the action and the highlights for them, well done to everyone involved it sounded like a huge success and Kidz Kartz again prove how valuable they are to the future of harness racing. 


For only the second season Taranaki Kidz Kartz ventured down to race at the Kapiti Coast HRC meeting on the 2nd and 4th February 2018. We decided this year to make a weekend of it and race both the two days. The Kapiti Coast club very generously provided accommodation for the 24 members of the club and eight ponies that went down. This weekend was a first for the Taranaki club as we only have eight ponies in total but we had every single one race over the weekend. It was a first for many drivers as well as we had three drivers having their first race day drive that being Levi Bates, Jack Collins and Kase Walker. We had two ponies, Ted and Hamburglar, also having their first days at the races. We had two existing members Louisa and Lillian Bouzaid gaining their first wins on Honey and Turbo as well. There was a lot of nerves in the camp but the kids drove exceptionally well with no disqualifications over the two days and also very close finishes. This weekend was more about having fun than winning races and the kids proved that!!

Taranaki Kidz Kartz would like to thank the Kapiti Coast HRC for everything they did for the club, for providing accommodation, a great BBQ on the Saturday night and also for the prizes that all the drivers received. We look forward to doing it all again next year. Thanks Again – Brodie Ellis


My first race with Phoebe was at Otaki on February 2. I enjoyed racing even though I got the butterflies before every race! Even though I was nervous I still tried my best and had fun and some how Phoebe with her little legs came second on Friday and third on Sunday. I enjoyed playing with my friends from Kidz Kartz at the beach and the pools and I think Brodie, Aunty Claire and Aunty Lesley did a very good job of planning a fun weekend. I was excited when I got my ribbons for second and third place. On our way home we had to stop just out of Otaki because of an accident. We were traveling with Phoebe, Wally, Turbo and Honey. The man told us we would have to wait for up to four hours. Luckily the owners of a place called Quarter Acre Cafe let us put the ponies in his paddock with his calves. The ponies enjoyed the break, eating grass and Phoebe gave rides to some little girl’s who were stopped with us. I am looking forward to my little brother Austen joining me racing next year.- Levi Bates


I loved racing at Otaki and getting to race on two different ponies instead of one (Big Mac and Hamburglar). I loved each time going down the track and the ponies would get excited as well as the little kids. I loved hearing them from the side lines taking their bets on what ponies would win, then cheering if they won or came close. They would all ask questions that made them amazed when they found out the answer like, what is this ponies name? And they got the answer Big Mac. Once we knew there was going to be pony rides in a short second every kid had found out. The line kept growing when it came around to that time when anyone could have a go. It was cute to see little kids the age of 2-3 all the way up to adults in their 30s have a turn. Over all I just loved peoples faces light up when they saw little ponies, even more when they all had a big grin on their face while driving them. I loved having this experience and would all over again and hope every other meeting has the same affect on the children and adults that attend. It is amazing when people enjoy us being there and racing on their grounds for the public. Lastly I would like to thank the Otaki club for looking after us and letting us race on their grounds and their race day.- Devon Towers