Waikouaiti Trotting Club - Monday 26th February  

Meeting: Waikouaiti Trotting Club – Monday 26th February TrotTechPromo


Form Analyst: Andrew Fitzgerald

Track Distance: 1545m   Surface: All Weather

Best Bet(s)

Race 5: (2) Groomsman

Race 6: (3) Stompen

Race 9: (5) Jen Jaccka


Early Quaddie R2-5



Late Quaddie R7-10



Race 1:

Selections: (8) Two Ply, (13) Highland Reign

Suggested bet: (8) Two Ply

Comments: (8) Two Ply got knocked over down the back on the first day and regained to finish fourth, this is a drop back in class and if he backs up then he looks a leading chance here.

(13) Highland Reign didn’t have much luck on the first day, prior form saw her flying home in better races then this, looks a nice eachway bet today.

(5) Pegasus Kommander, (12) Romanite, (10) Russian Express all must be respected with solid first day runs under their belts.

Ratings: 8/13/5/12/10/7/6/14


Race 2:

Selections: (2) My Eyre, (8) Thunder Buddy

Suggested bet: (2) My Eyre  

Comments:  (2) My Eyre was a touch unlucky on the first day and this field isn’t strong, looks the leading chance in this with his good manners.

(8) Thunder Buddy has talent but the manners still require some work, can win if he behaves here.

Driver Watch: (11) Wait For Success gets the services of Blair Orange today.

Ratings: 2/8/11/7/5/4/1


Race 3:

Selections: (1) Pembrook Blue

Suggested bet: (1) Pembrook Blue

Comments: (1) Pembrook Blue draws the ace here after getting home well on the first day, Dexter Dunn in the bike is a bonus and this field doesn’t look strong, each way.

Danger: (7) Fun Sponge kept fighting on the first day, Leading driver in the country in the cart, win chance.

Ratings: 1/7/9/11/3/8


Race 4:

Selections: (5) Mach O’Melley, (3) Loissonya

Suggested bet: (5) Mach O’Melley

Comments: (5) Mach O’Melley may have been forced to do a bit too much work early on the first day, will be improved with that run, leading hope.

(3) Loissonya was just fair on the first day, prior form good enough to suggest that a maiden victory wasn’t far away.

Ratings: 5/3/2/6/4/1/10


Race 5:

Selections: (2) Groomsman

Suggested bet: (2) Groomsman

Comments: (2) Groomsman is the winner of eight races getting into a up to 55 event today, tote watch on this runner but expecting a big run.

Ratings: 2/7/5/9/4/6


Race 6:

Selections: (3) Stompen

Suggested bet: (3) Stompen

Comments: (3) Stompen went down as our best bet on the first day but gets into a nice winnable race here, leading chance.

Dangers: (2) Jay FM, (8) Honour Scroll

Ratings: 3/2/8/1/5/10/6


Race 7:

Selections: (1) Holden Toyaspurs, (9) Sarah Palin, (11) Picketts Ridge, (13) Glenis Marie, (14) Gorilla Playboy

Suggested bet: Boxed quinella

Comments: Tough to split the follow five runners - (1) Holden Toyaspurs, (9) Sarah Palin, (11) Picketts Ridge, (13) Glenis Marie, (14) Gorilla Playboy,

Place punters will like the form lines of Holden Toyaspurs & Sarah Palin.

Ratings: 1/9/11/13/14/7/4/12


Race 8:

Selections: (10) Jacks N Jazz, (3) Swap Over, (7) Pat Campbell, (8) Port Hanover

Suggested bet: (10) Jacks N Jazz

Comments: (10) Jacks N Jazz finds himself in another winnable race here, recent form has been good although can get a bit fired up so must relax today and at worst he’s only going to be spotting them four lengths at the turn, leading chance.

(3) Swap Over put in a solid run home on the first day after enjoying a nice trip on the pegs, same again here.

(7) Pat Campbell put in a tough effort on the first day, small field and a chance Sarah O’Reilly picks up her first winner here.

(8) Port Hanover continues to put in big runs of late, handy junior onboard, leading chance.

Ratings: 10/3/7/8/4/1/2/6


Race 9:

Selections: (5) Jen Jaccka

Suggested bet: (5) Jen Jaccka

Comments: (5) Jen Jaccka is the class runner of this field and should really be beating these ones.

Ratings: 5/2/6/4/3/7


Race 10:

Selections: (1) Machjagger, (10) Indiana Dreaming

Suggested bet: (1) Machjagger

Comments: (1) Machjagger has the informtrainer/driver combo and a handy barrier draw for this event today, has to be a leading chance with options from the draw.

(10) Indiana Dreaming misbehaved on the first day, drawn to do no work here and is good enough to play a part.

(3) Calendar Girlz, (8) Vera’s Delight are talented and can be in this for a long way.

Ratings: 1/10/3/8/7/2/4/11