Owner’s Minimum Standards to be introduced

Last week Harness Racing New Zealand released a circular to all clubs regarding the roll out of a set of Owner’s Minimum Standards.

These standards were formed by the HRNZ Owners Sub Committee, and recommended to the HRNZ Board for approval. The aim of these standards is to unify the standard of service for owners around New Zealand, and also assist with increasing owner patronage on race day for clubs.

The HRNZ Owners’ Sub-Committee has considered options for streamlining communication between clubs and their owners on race day. In reviewing ways in which to make a uniform plan for clubs to deliver a consistent clear message to their owners, the Owners’ Sub-Committee recommended to the HRNZ Board that a set of Owners’ Minimum Standards be introduced.

These Minimum Standards (for each owner with a horse in at the meeting regardless of number of owners in each horse) are:
- Free entry to the course
- Complimentary race book
- Access to the birdcage following their horse winning
- Hospitality following the win, via President’s Room or Owners’ Bar
- Communication from the club via email or text about the owners’ entitlements on race day

These standards, which we know many of you have already, are a way in which we can streamline the delivery of information to owners. This allows owners, existing or new, to understand what they can expect on race day, but also provides the club the ability to directly market any on-course events or points of interest for the meeting - similar to the “Club News” on the HRNZ website, but in a more direct manner.

The email will be sent via the HRNZ Marketing team through our Infohorse system, using information provided by the club. This service is free to clubs. It can be used to promote the owners’ entitlements for the meeting, and information around on-course catering, owners’ events and any other special information you wish to include. This will be required by 12noon Wednesday, the week of the race meeting to ensure timely delivery.

In addition to the email service, clubs will also have the ability to use the HRNZ text service. This can be used in cases where there is a gate charge, where owners can show gate staff their text confirming they are to receive free entry to the course. The cost per text currently is 12c, and offers a more reliable, cost effective and faster option than mail. We are also able to track who has not received this information and follow up with them to ensure every single owner is communicated with for each individual race meeting.

The ideal result from the Minimum Standards is to provide all owners with clear and consistent communication across the board, which will result in more owners attending race meetings and feeling valued. And having more owners on-course can only be a positive for all clubs.

We hope to have all clubs on board with the Owners’ Minimum Standards by 1 March 2018, however clubs are welcome to start at any time prior to that date.

If you have any queries, or would like to start using the text or email service, please contact Jess at Harness Racing New Zealand.

Jess Smith – Communication and Ownership Co-ordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.