Forbury Park - Thursday 1st February 2018

Forbury Park Trotting Club - Thursday 1st February 2018 TrotTechPromo

Form Analyst: Ash Wright
Track: 1007m. Surface: All Weather

Best Bet(s)
Race 1: (7) One Off
Race 4: (1) Glenisthebettor

Best Value Bet
Race 8: (9) Rah De Rah

Best Place Bet
Race 9: (5) Rozzano

Early Quaddie R2-5

Late Quaddie R7-10

Race 1:
Selections: (7) One Off
Suggested bet: (7) One Off

Comments: (7) One Off is the only one with good form on the board in this field and looks thrown into this race. Drawn wide and he’s a sit sprinter but will be extra hard to beat here.
Ratings: 7/5/6/2/8/9/Field

Race 2:
Selections: (5) Beat The Heat, (11) Nathan D, (6) Prestissimo, (2) Still Eyre
Suggested bet: (5) Beat The Heat - Eachway

Comments: (5) Beat The Heat has been sightly disappointing lately but comes to Forbury looking to improve his form line, has been taking on harder races then this. Has manners and will be a solid chance.
(11) Nathan D is in super form since coming south, leading chance in this.
Behind those leading two are (6) Prestissimo & (2) Still Eyre who must be respected in a even maiden trot like this.
Ratings: 5/11/6/2/3/Field

Race 3:
Selections: (8) Aidan Junior, (3) Honour The Bet, (5) Blarney Babe
Suggested bet: (8) Aidan Junior

Comments: (8) Aidan Junior did well at a recent trial, Blair Orange jumps in the gig and even from a wide draw he looks tough to beat.
(3) Honour The Bet could be at big value in this race, horse movement to Craig Ferguson could give this fella the change needed to crack his maiden victory.
(5) Blarney Babe is on debut and going well at the workouts, eachway claims.
Ratings: 8/3/5/9/1/10/Field

Race 4:
Selections: (1) Glenisthebettor, (9) Twitter Bromac
Suggested bet: (1) Glenisthebettor - Eachway

Comments: (1) Glenisthebettor loves Forbury Park and Kimberly Butt gets on well with this mare, some super runs at the recent Blenheim races means that from the ace draw she’ll be tough to beat.
(9) Twitter Bromac is drawn to sit no worse then three pegs here, eachway claims with a trip.
Ratings: 1/9/2/6/5/7

Race 5:
Selections: (8) Sundons Wish, (9) Trouble Giero, (10) Its Elvis
Suggested bet: (8) Sundons Wish

Comments: (8) Sundons Wish did well against a stronger field last start, Dexter Dunn sticks with, and gets in well into this race. Leading hope.
(9) Trouble Giero could provide the value here, going well of late without winning. Claims.
(10) Its Elvis comes into this fresh and is handy when right, leading hope if ready.
Ratings: 8/9/10/5/6/7/1

Race 6:
Selections: (16) Tact Denzel, (14) Trompeur, (12) Jack Pack
Suggested bet: (16) Tact Denzel - Place

Comments: This is a very wide open maiden field and it’s tough one to select.
(16) Tact Denzel has drawn bad but shown ability in a brief career to date, eachway claims with a trip.
(14) Trompeur trialed well recently, galloped on debut but still finished not far off a nice one, can win.
(12) Jack Pack disappointed when well backed at Invercargill, is quick from behind the tapes which will help in this field, looking for improvement.
Ratings: 16/14/12/Field

Race 7:
Selections: (8) Geena’s Girl, (16) Missie Castleton, (12) Scarlett Lane, (3) Heavenly Love
Suggested bet: (8) Geena’s Girl - Eachway

Comments: (8) Geena’s Girl gets the services of leading junior driver Matt Anderson and is coming out of handy Canterbury racing, tough to roll.
(16) Missie Castleton continues to go well of late and had good form at this track, with manners early she’ll play a part.
(12) Scarlett Lane has manners and will get into a good spot, place claims.
(3) Heavenly Love is trialing well and gets a nice draw, claims.
Ratings: 8/16/12/3/2/1/14/18

Race 8:
Selections: (9) Rah De Rah, (7) Sweet Mary, (2) Gotta Minute, (3) Gunpowder
Suggested bet: (9) Rah De Rah - Eachway

Comments: (9) Rah De Rah is coming out of way better fields then this, drawn to punch through from the second row and find himself in a handy spot, big claims in this.
(7) Sweet Mary is from a leading barn and going well of late, eachway here.
Two runners draw well are (2) Gotta Minute & (3) Gunpowder - they are both runners you need in your quaddies.
Ratings: 9/7/2/3/1/8/6

Race 9:
Selections: (4) Jakira, (5) Rozzano
Suggested bet: Quinella

Comments: (4) Jakira is a new runner to the Graeme Anderson barn and well all know the record he has with runners first up in this barn. Watch the tote for this one.
(5) Rozzano will boom the gate be up on the leading spot, tough to run them down.
Ratings: 4/5/8/1/6/9

Race 10:
Selections: (4) Frankie D, (1) Bound To Impress, (8) Bontz, (9) Fiery Ferret
Suggested bet: (4) Frankie D - Eachway

Comments: (4) Frankie D won his maiden race here, he loves to bowl along in front which will mean he’ll come out of the gate and put himself in a leading spot, tough to run down.
Canterbury raider (1) Bound To Impress in good enough form and gets a good draw, place claims.
(8) Bontz has drawn average but Blair Orange jumps in the cart, claims here.
(9) Fiery Ferret is drawn to do no work, can sneak home for a place if he doesn’t get too far back on the pegs
Ratings: 4/1/8/9/6/10/3/5