Support for Teal Pants Campaign


For six weeks from 1 February, all reinswomen across New Zealand will participate in Team Teal.

We are proud that all female drivers will be racing in teal coloured driving pants striving to be first across the line to secure for the cause:
- $200 donation from Harness Racing New Zealand
- $100 donation from Woodlands Stud
- $100 donation from Clubs at their race meeting/s

Female driver Kirstin Barclay will also donate her winning % of stakes if she happens to place in the top three!

“It is just a great cause and I am happy to be able to contribute. I have had people in my life affected by it so it is something I am keen to get behind” said Kirstin.

To get involved yourself - donations can be made online, head to our New Zealand Go Fundraise page:

Please note Team Teal are not registered for donations in NZ at this time. All donations are in Australian dollars.

You can also be involved by attending the Hororata Trotting Club meeting on the 11th February and entering the Womens Teal Fashion Contest or attending the Reefton Trotting Club on the 11th March wearing teal. More details on these meetings to come.

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