Banks Peninsula Trotting Club - Sunday 28th January

Meeting: Banks Peninsula Trotting Club - Sunday 28th January TrotTechPromo

Track: 1811m. Surface: Grass
Form Analyst: Matt Markham


Best Bet(s)
Race 8: Christian Lady (2)
Race 2: Tintin Naturally (4)

Best Value Bet
Race 7: Jay FM (9)

Best Place Bet
Race 9: Midfrew Tarpediem (1)

Early Quaddie R2-5

Late Quaddie R8-11

Race 1:
Selections: (3) Majestic Lavros, (1) BJ Lindenny, (7) Grand Princess, (15) Borntobeastar
Suggested bet: (3) Grand Princess - Each Way
Comments: A maiden trot on the grass track of Motukarara, so anything is possible. (3) Majestic Son looked ready for something big with a slashing trial victory on Tuesday at Ashburton. Manners are the query tho.

(1) BJ Lindenny has plenty of talent, but had to negate the inside draw. Safest bet might be (7) Grand Princess, who does things right and goes well on the grass. (15) Borntobeastar is good enough, but might lack the fitness of some others first up.

Ratings: 3-1-7-15-5-8-4

Race 2:
Selections: (4) Tintin Naturally, (9) Comfortably Numb, (12) It’s A Deal, (6) Lilbitbettor

Suggested bet: (4) Tintin Naturally - Win

Comments: Let’s make no bones here, this race isn’t exactly crawling with potential superstars. With more than 200 starts combined between them, and not one win, today is going to be the day for one and (4) Tintin Naturally looks the best of the contenders. With a home track advantage
and some decent form she’s going to take a bit of stopping from a good draw. Outside of that, take your pick!

Ratings: 4-9-12-6-1-10-7

Race 3:
Selections: (2) Chromozone, (1) Corena Lea, (15) Homebush Lad, (16) McCawsome
Suggested bet: (2) Chromozone - Each Way

Comments: Another really even field with plenty of winning chances. (2) Chromozone should strip fitter from the first up run and starts from a spot which will see him on the speed throughout. He’s more than capable of winning.
(1) Corena Lea similarily should lob in a handy spot and be a contender. Off the second row both (15) Homebush Lad and (16) McCawsome will be players at some point.
Ratings: 2-1-15-16-13-7-17

Race 4:
Selections: (12) Rusty I Am, (4) Monkey Luck, (2) Justamollyarcher, (14) Lightworkofit
Suggested bet: Rusty I Am - Win

Comments: After two very good seconds in his last two starts, both in similar races to this (12) Rusty I Am gets a great chance to get another win on the board. Will need to loop them at some point, but can make his own luck.

(4) Monkey Luck was very good on the West Coast circuit, arguably against strong fields than this - so may offer good each way value. The likes of (1) Glenis Marie, (2) Justamollyarcher and (14) Lightworkofit all hold lesser claims.
Ratings: 12-4-2-14-1-11-8

Race 5:
Selections: (6) Three Ply, (10) Immortal Change, (11) Silent Shadow, (12) Fresco Bromac
Suggested bet: (11) Silent Shadow - Each Way
Comments: All though (6) Three Ply is clear top pick off the back of a good second to Henry Hubert in a recent workout, this might just about be the best chance for (11) Silent Shadow to break through. Racing in fine fettle at the moment and just needs that ounce of luck.
(10) Immortal Change is a good hope while put the watch on (12) Fresco Bromac - will win a maiden.
Ratings: 6-10-11-12-3-8-4

Race 6:
Selections: (9) Magical Moe, (6) English Rose, (8) Like Ya More, (15) Paddington Central
Suggested bet: (9) Magical Moe - Win

Comments: Off the back of his big win at Timaru, there’ll be plenty of support for (9) Magical Moe. Gets a good junior on board to help make it two in a row. He’s just one of a heap of chances though,
(6) English Rose will be a major player for the Hope team - goes well here on this track too. (8) Like Ya More and (15) Paddington Central are the two leading knockout hopes at good odds.

Ratings: 9-6-8-15-5-4-1

Race 7:
Selections: (9) Jay FM, (14) Courageous Becqui, (8) Uralla Sue, (3) Lauragrace
Suggested bet: (9) Jay FM - Each Way

Comments: Yet another race filled with plenty of chances. We’ll lob for the one with the worst draw, (9) Jay FM. Didn’t look all that comfortable in the wet at Timaru but the prior run for fourth behind Franco Saxon prior to that was really good and good enough to see him win here.
Will need a few things to go his way though.

Of the rest (14) Courageous Becqui, (8) Uralla Sue and (3) Lauragrace look the best chances.
Ratings: 9-14-8-3-7-16-1

Race 8:
Selections: (2) Christian Lady, (5) Articulight, (3) De Lancome, (1) Belle Of Brooklyn
Suggested bet: (2) Christian Lady - Win
Comments: Two major factors make (2) Christian Lady one of the best bets of the day. The first is the acquisition of Dexter Dunn in the sulky - that’s worth four lengths straight away and then there’s the good barrier draw. She loves to roll along and will get every opportunity today.
That makes her hard to beat.

Take a few around her for multiples; (5) Articulight, (3) De Lancome and (1) Belle Of Brooklyn look the best.
Ratings: 2-5-3-1-13-4-10

Race 9:
Selections: (6) Bailey’s Knight, (1) Midfrew Tarpediem, (10) Johnny Eyre, (8) One Big Fella

Suggested bet: (1) Midfrew Tarpediem - Place

Comments: (6) Bailey’s Knight looked to grow up a little bit on his West Coast excursion and the big question will now be whether he continues that improvement. Nice race for him to continue on his winning way and he’ll take a power of beating.

(1) Midfrew Tarpediem is another on the improve. Great on the coast and found the line strong on the second day at Blenheim - a quite run on the fence is his cup of tea and he’ll be running on strongly. (10) Johnny Eyre can never be discounted in these kind of races.

Ratings: 6-1-10-8-7-4-5

Race 10:
Selections: (16) Gee Up Neddy, (10) Time For Diamonds, (5) Saveapatrol, (4) Jean Sebastien
Suggested bet: (16) Gee Up Neddy - Each Way

Comments: A little rough here for us, (16) Gee Up Neddy, he was going to win at Rangiora before a late gallop cost him. Just needs to trot all the way to be a big chance of winning this.
(10) Time For Diamonds is never far away from the action and racing well at the moment - will give another good sight.

All the attention will be on (5) Saveapatrol after his impressive first win trotting - big step up, but he looks the goods.
Ratings: 16-10-5-4-14-11-3

Race 11:
Selections: (6) Copperhead Rose, (12) Direct Control, (9) Trailer Park Girl, (8) Cool Changes
Suggested Bet: (6) Copperhead Rose - Each Way

Comments: Gate speed will see (6) Copperhead Rose in front early on in this and from there he could be very dangerous. Continues to run good races after winning his maiden and gets a chance to win another here.

(12) Direct Control is always a chance and will be running on strongly once again. Lookout of (9) Trailer Park Girl who is always thereabouts and (8) Cool Changes goes good here and is racing well.

Ratings: 6-12-9-8-7-11-5