NZRB Size and Scope Study

The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) has recently appointed IER Pty Ltd to undertake a size and scope study of the racing industry in New Zealand.

This will provide us with an evidence-based assessment that will illustrate the size and importance of the thoroughbred, harness and   greyhound racing industries in New Zealand and follows on from similar reports undertaken by IER.

The study will outline the economic and social importance of the racing industry in New Zealand with a particular focus on the activity of racing clubs, governing bodies, participants and racing’s customers. The report will provide a nationwide assessment of these impacts, as well as providing key impacts and indicators at a regional level.

Important measures such as economic impact, job creation, tax benefit and tourism generation   will be featured, while the social and community impacts will highlight the role that racing plays in the community in areas such as community building, volunteerism, history and heritage,  community engagement, charity support and many  more.

From 15 September, IER will engage with participants in the industry to gather important information which is critical to the development of the study. It’s important to note that the information captured by IER will not be published or shared with any other person and will be only used in aggregate format. Assistance in the collection of data from participants is strictly  confidential and voluntary.

In order for the racing industry to present strongly in the future, a reliable and factual assessment  of the industry and its participants is required. The size and scope study plays an important role for NZRB, the three racing codes, clubs and participants to engage with Government, local councils, economic development corporations, tourism, media and sponsors, commercial partners and community organisations.

We encourage you all to participate. Your support, as a valued member of our industry, will help to ensure that the study accurately reflects the New Zealand racing industry and the important contribution it makes.