Reality sinking in

By Adam Hamilton

REALITY is really sinking-in now for the Hectorjayjay team.

Sadly, initial speculation the ligament damage was serious has been confirmed today (Tuesday).

If the superstar pacer makes it back to the races, it will take a long time.

“I spoke the vet today. The nearside leg is OK, but the offside suspensory ligament will take a long time to come good,” senior part-owner Mick Harvey said.

“Treatment starts today. We will leave no stone unturned and give him every chance to make it back.”

News of Hectorjayjay’s injury broke last Thursday as he started to get serious again in training towards the Victoria Cup.

The timing is never good, but this really stung given it came just weeks after his career-best win against a hot field in the Group 1 Blacks A Fake at Albion Park on July 15.

Last season he raced 17 times for 12 wins, two seconds and $635,823 in earnings.

Overall, Hectorjayjay’s record sits at 79 starts for 42 wins, 21 placings and $1,143,907.