Locharburn out of the NZ Cup


Injury has struck down open-class pacer Locharburn as he was shaping well for a New Zealand Cup campaign.

Amberley trainer Kevin Chapman said on Friday that the rugged stayer was probably out for the season after a tendon problem flared last week.

“He had a little bit of heat in a tendon in a front leg, it scanned fine but it’s put us on the back foot and he would not have made cup time.

“It seems to have settled down not too bad, but it puts us behind the eight-ball.

“So we’ll come back with a 33-start eight-year-old.

“He was never lame but had a little bit of heat and filling. It wasn’t a major concern, but it wouldn’t have been very hard to turn it into one.

“He wasn’t going to come right in a hurry, but we’ve lasered it and done some treatment and it seems to have settle down pretty good.

“There’s not a tear in the tendon or a hole. We’ve just got a wee bit of a strain and if we stop now we’ll probably be fine.

‘’We’ll just have to monitor it and see how he gets on. I hope he doesn’t take after me because I’m losing my speed.’’

Chapman said apart from the Easter Cup at Addington there is not much racing for horses like Locharburn at the tail-end of the season.

“The top-end horses have the cup meeting then they’re forced to go to Auckland and then Australia, there’s bugger-all at the tail-end.

“They need to programme a bit more racing for the horses in that higher category in the autumn, they just all of a sudden run out of opportunities.’’

Chapman hopes talented trotter Belle’s Son (eight wins) will shine for the stable and he resumes at Addington next Friday.