From the bookmakers

Race 1- The best backed is ‘Delightful Offer’ $2.80 - $1.40 but that big odds move is mainly due to the $1.70 favourite coming out on Wednesday. The largest early bet was $2,000 on ‘Delightful Offer’.

Race 2 – ‘Barry’ has taken a $2,000 bet at $3.80 & ‘Dauntless’ took a $1,000 bet at $16. The only runners wanted in multi bets is the favourite ‘Yagunnakismeornot’ & ‘Barry’. If you like ‘Barry’ we suggest you take the $3.50 now as he will be shorter later in the day judging by the early support.

Race 3 – ‘Chase The Dream’ attracted a $2,500 bet at $2.50 but all they want in multi bets is the $1.70 favourite Lazarus.

Race 4 – Just the one large bet in this race $1,500 at $4.60 ‘Strike The Gold’ (now $4.00)

Race 5 – Quiet early trading here with just the one early large bet $2,000 at $2.00 ‘Dream About Me’.

Race 6 – ‘Follow The Stars’ has taken all the money and he is into $1.70 from $1.90. Judging by the early support in the win ‘book’ and ‘multi’ bets going through him he might close at $1.60.

Race 7 – ‘Mum’s Pride’ has taken $1,500 at $7.50 & ‘Kincaslough’ is starting to attract support at $5.50

Race 8 – ‘Christen Me’ has taken $1,000 at $4.00 but outside that bet the Cup market is quiet early. ‘Adore Me’ is at $1.60 & although not getting backed in the single market has taken all the multi action. The late money will come for her & we expect her to close at $1.50.

Race 9 –‘ I’ve Got This’ has taken a $1,500 bet at $5.00 & ‘Eyre I Come’ is taking money early

Race 10 – No single bets of note in this race but no surprise to see all mult bets going through the $1.90 favourite ‘Start Dreaming’.

Race 11 – The only large taken early is’ Beyond The Silence’ $1,500 at $4.00