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To get your school involved in the Harnessing Your Horse Power programme contact a education team member in an area near you, they will work with you to plan when it would best suit your students to take up the prgramme.

The programme is very flexible individual schools and teachers use their own guidelines and procedures for the planning and implementation of an integrated theme.

We sugest a time frame of two to three weeks however because of limiting factors to curriculum content teachers should adopt a time line which best meets the requirements of their programme.

An eduction team member will visit your school and introduce the programme and the harness racing industry to your students.  They make suggestions on helpful websites and resources and are available as continued support for teachers throughout the programme.

Harness Racing New Zealand funds a field trip for the students, teachers and care givers to their local race course where they will meet with their education team support person, a harness racing horse and driver, Kidz Kartz ponies and handlers.  The field trip is an important piece of the resource package as students further explore their knowledge and learning and this enforces  the work they have completed already in the classroom.

sulkyHarness Racing New Zeland recognises that there is a percentage of the population who may express concern about the students studying the racing industry.  One of the aims of this project is to educte people about racing so they realise it is not just a gambling driven industry, with this in mind we have put together a sample letter for schools to send home to care givers to inform them on the principles of  Harnessng Your Horse Power.

Harness Racing New Zealand has also prepared a risk analysis document for the field trip to meet with school's health and safety policy.  An important part of the field trip is a discussion session with students about the risks involved when working around horses and being present on a race course and what they need to do to keep themselves safe.