Group Race Dates

including Listed and Feature races - 2013/14 Racing Season

Pacing Races

Maurice Holmes Vase 6-Sep NZ Met G3 Open $25,000
PGG Wrightson Hannon Memorial 15-Sep Oam G3 Open $25,000
Avon City (New Brighton) Ford Cup 27-Sep NZ Met G3 Open $25,000
Mountain River Processors Methven Cup 6-Oct Meth G3 Open $35,000
Canterbury Classic 11-Oct NZ Met G2 Open $40,000
Robilliards Showcase Jewellers Flying Stakes 28-Oct Ash G2 Open $60,000
PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales Aged Pace 4-Nov Kaik L Open $50,000
Alabar Kaikoura Cup 4-Nov Kaik G2 Open $50,000
NRM NZ Sires Stakes 3YO Final 12-Nov NZ Met G1 3YO C/G $180,000
Christchurch Casino NZ Cup  12-Nov NZ Met G1 Open $650,000
Ricoh Free-For-All   12-Nov NZ Met G3 Open $35,000
Woodlands NZ Pacing FFA 15-Nov NZ Met G1 Open $200,000
Pak'N Save Franklin Cup 6-Dec Frank G2 Open $40,000
Peter Breckon Memorial Ladyship Stakes 6-Dec Auck G2 3YO F $75,000
Caduceus Club Northern Breeders Stakes 6-Dec Auck G3 Mares $30,000
Rosslands Queen Of Hearts 13-Dec Auck G1 Mares $100,000
Alabar Classic 13-Dec Auck G2 3YO  $50,000
Kumeu Founders Cup 13-Dec Auck G3 Open $30,000
Alabar Sires Stakes Fillies Final 31-Dec Auck G1 3YO F $150,000
Manukau Summer Cup 31-Dec Auck G3 Open $30,000
PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales 3YO Open 31-Dec Auck L 3YO $250,000
Central Otago Trotting Cup FFA 2-Jan C.Otago G3 Open $30,000
Sky City Flying Mile 3-Jan HR.Wai G2 Open $60,000
Jardine Bloodstock 4YO Futurity Stakes 10-Jan HR.Wai G2 4/5YO $50,000
Pelorus Classic 12-Jan Marlb G2 4/5YO $40,000
The Yaldhurst Hotel Northern Southland Cup 16-Jan Nth Sth G3 Open $50,000
Premier Mares Championship 17-Jan NZ Met G2 Mares $40,000
Ascot Park Hotel Invercargill Cup 25-Jan Inver G3 Open $40,000
PGG Wrightson NZ Breeders Stakes 31-Jan NZ Met G1 F/M $100,000
Gotta Go Cullen Summer Cup 31-Jan NZ Met G3 Open $25,000
PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales 3YO Fillies 31-Jan NZ Met L 3YO F $160,000
Teltrac Communications NZ Sapling Stakes 8-Feb Ash G3 2YO $25,000
Inter Dominion Heat 1 15-Feb NZ Met G2 Open $50,000
Alabar NZ Kindergarten Stakes  22-Feb Wynd G3 2YO $25,000
Pascoes The Jewellers Northern Oaks 28-Feb Auck G1 3YO F $125,000
City Of Auckland FFA 28-Feb Auck G2 Open $50,000
American Ideal Stakes 2-Mar Chev G3 2YO F $25,000
Woodlands Stud Northern Derby 7-Mar Auck G1 3YO $250,000
Trillian Trust Auckland Cup 7-Mar Auck G1 Open $250,000
Breckon Bloodstock Young Gun Cardigan Bay 7-Mar Auck G1 2YO $100,000
Gotta Go Cullen Delightful Lady Classic 7-Mar Auck G2 2YO F $80,000
Southern Country Cups Final 30-Mar Inver F Open $25,000
Alabar Southern Supremacy Stakes 30-Mar Inver G2 3YO C/G $40,000
Macca Lodge/Nevele R Southland Oaks 30-Mar Inver G2 3YO F $40,000
Caduceus Club/Nevele R Fillies Classic 22-Mar Nth Sth  G3 2YO F $25,000
Vero Flying Stakes 4-Apr NZ Met G2 3YO  $40,000
Gotta Go Cullen Free-For-All  4-Apr NZ Met G3 Open $25,000
Dawe Contracting Canty Country Cups Final 6-Apr Rang F Open $25,000
Muscara Standardbreds NZ Derby 11-Apr NZ Met G1 3YO $175,000
Avon City Ford NZ Welcome Stakes 11-Apr NZ Met G2 2YO $40,000
Resource Recycling Superstars Championship 11-Apr NZ Met G2 4YO $40,000
Kumeu Stakes 14-Apr Auck G3 4/5YO $25,000
Dunedin 4 & 5YO Championship 17-Apr Forb G3 4/5YO $25,000
BreckonFarms/All Stars Racing Easter Cup 19-Apr NZ Met G1 Open $100,000
North Island Country Cups Final 21-Apr Harw F Open $25,000
Wai-Eyre Farm Rangiora Classic 27-Apr Rang G3 Open $50,000
Woodlands Stud Caduceus Club Fillies Classic 2-May Auck G1 2YO F $110,000
Transpacific Taylor Mile 2-May Auck G1 4/5YO $100,000
Magness Benrow NZ Sires Stakes Fillies 9-May Auck G1 2YO F $170,000
Dawson Harford  & Partners NZ Messenger 9-May Auck G1 4/5YO $100,000
Nevele R Fillies Series Final 10-May NZ Met G1 3YO F $140,000
PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales 2YO Open 10-May NZ Met L 2YO  $200,000
Garrards NZ Sires Stakes 2YO Final 16-May NZ Met G1 2YO C/G $180,000
Canterbury Breeders NZ Oaks 16-May NZ Met G1 3YO F $125,000
PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales 2YO Fillies 23-May Kumeu L 2YO F $150,000
Harness Jewels 2YO Emerald 31-May HR.Wai G1 2YO C/G $150,000
Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond 31-May HR.Wai G1 2YO F $150,000
Harness Jewels 3YO Emerald 31-May HR.Wai G1 3YO C/G $150,000
Harness Jewels 3YO Diamond 31-May HR.Wai G1 3YO F $150,000
Harness Jewels 4YO Emerald 31-May HR.Wai G1 4YO E/G $150,000
Harness Jewels 4YO Diamond 31-May HR.Wai G1 4YO M $150,000

 Trotting Races

D G Jones Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup 29-Sep Banks G3 Open $25,000
Dr Cliff Irvine Memorial Canty Park Trotting Cup 11-Oct NZ Met G3 Open $25,000
Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile 28-Oct Ash G3 Open $30,000
Seelite Windows & Doors NZ Trotting FFA 12-Nov NZ Met G1 Open $80,000
Hellers Dominion 15-Nov NZ Met G1 Open $200,000
Lyell Creek Stakes 6-Dec Auck G2 Open $40,000
Northern Trotting Breeders Stakes 13-Dec Auck G3 F/M $25,000
The Group One Turf Bar Trotters Flying Mile 24-Dec HR.Wai G2 Open $50,000
National Trot 31-Dec Auck G1 Open $80,000
Seelite Windows & Doors Summer Trotting FFA 31-Jan NZ Met G3 Open $25,000
Neumanns Bandag Hambletonian Classic 8-Feb Ash G3 3YO  $25,000
PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales 3YO Trot 27-Feb Rang L 3YO  $70,000
Storer Motors NZ Trotters Trust Trotting Oaks 4-Apr NZ Met G3 3YO F $25,000
Glenferrie Farm Trotters Championship 4-Apr NZ Met G3 4/5YO $25,000
Seelite Windows & Doors NZ Trotting Derby 11-Apr NZ Met G1 3YO $80,000
Fred Shaw Memorial NZ Trotting Champs 11-Apr NZ Met G1 Open $80,000
Glenferrie Farm NZ 2YO Trotting Stakes 19-Apr NZ Met G3 2YO $25,000
PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales 2YO Trot 24-Apr NZ Met L 2YO $65,000
Glenferrie Farm Anzac Cup 25-Apr Auck G1 Open $80,000
Hutton Racing Stables Sires Stakes Champs 2-May Auck G2 3YO $60,000
Majestic Horsefloats Greenlane Cup 2-May Auck G3 Open $30,000
Breckon Farms Northern Trotting Derby 9-May Auck G1 3YO $80,000
Canam Rowe Cup  9-May Auck G1 Open $150,000
Seelite Windows & Doors NZSS 2YO Champs 10-May NZ Met G2 2YO $60,000
Harness Jewels 3YO Ruby 31-May HR.Wai G1 3YO $100,000
Harness Jewels 2YO Ruby 31-May HR.Wai G1 2YO $100,000
Harness Jewels 4YO Ruby 31-May HR.Wai G1 4YO $100,000