Types of Ownership



From one to six people can be named as individual owners, sharing the costs and the rewards. This is the most common form of ownership.


Syndicates are a popular form of ownership, enabling the costs to be shared between two to fifty people. The syndicate will have a manager that will report on the progress of the horse. This can be the most economical way to race a horse. It is also a great way to break into and learn about the sport. HRNZ has a list of registered syndicators should you wish to join. A syndicate with more than 50 shares is possible, but must be approved by the HRNZ board.


You may want your business to own a horse thus creating a fun team building or social opportunity.

Family Trusts

Family Trusts may also own a racehorse, subject to terms and conditions set out by HRNZ.


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You may want your business to own a horse, turning your “brand” into “colours” or “silks” that the driver wears.  Creating a mobile billboard and team building opportunity.