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Advice from HRNZ's Veterinary Advisor - Capsaicin

Following is advice HRNZ and NZTR have recieved from Dr Andrew Grierson, Veterinary Advisor to the Equine Codes:
"Any preparations  used to control 'crib biting' and 'wood chewing' containing Capsaicin oil or any other derivative of capsaicin has the potential to cause a positive urine test. Contamination can occur by ingestion or absorption through the skin of a horse. Please advise trainers that no horse that is entered into a race should be in contact with any source of capsaicin at least 2 days prior to the day of a race. Potential contamination not only includes the direct application to the tail or mane of a horse entered in a race but any paddock mate with capsaicin applied to it that is in contact with a horse entered in a race. Formites including horse box walls where crib biting products are used to prevent wood chewing are also potential sources of capsaicin contamination."
If you have queries in relation to this please contact your vet or any member of the NZ Equine Veterinarian Association.