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Franco Harrison a boon for Addington

Some 300 people packed themselves into the Blossom Lady Lounge on the third floor at Addington and all reports were positive about the hospitality put on by the club and the good time had by all.

Unfortunately for his army of supporters Franco Harrison could only manage fourth but it was a meritorious run, given the circumstances. Ironically, Franco Harrison’s impact was felt more off the track.

Race 4 at Addington last Saturday, a simple maiden 2600-metre mobile, was the highest on-course and second highest off-course turnover race on the day and and was the 14th highest turnover race bet on by the NZTAB last week.

An interesting sidelight to the race was the expectation that the performance of Didjamakem Bolt (3.14.9 for 2600m mob) was a class record at Addington Raceway. HRNZ was stunned that a record of 3.13.5 was set by unheralded pacer Spangle’s Cadillac, whose only New Zealand win before exported after 30 starts was his class record run in a then ‘M0’ at Addington back in 1997.