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Amateur Licence Fees 2012/13


Incl GST

Novice Amateur $95.00
Full Amateur $95.00
Advanced Amateur $125.00
Harness Racing Weekly Subscription (compulsory) $160.00
Advanced Practical Time Trial Test $57.50
Advanced Practical & Oral Test $57.50
Rule Book (optional) $34.50


  • No fee required for an extension from Novice to Full Amateur
  • Advanced Practical Time Trial Test - On completion of 10 satisfactory drives with at least four drives in fields with a minimum of six runners & prior to issue of Full Amateur Licence
  • Advanced Practical & Oral Test - On completion of two years as a Full Amateur and 30 Full Amateur drives with at least five wins and prior to issue of Advanced Amateur Licence
  • Practical & Oral tests must be completed within three months. Except in exceptional circumstances, there will be no refund of fees paid if practical & oral test requirements are not completed within three months from the date the application is lodged to cover administration and field staff costs.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations are available online here.


  • Existing Licence Holders may hold a Trainer's Licence and/or a Trials Licence but must relinquish their Open, Graduation or Junior Licence status in order to hold an Amateur Licence.