Amateur Driving

Amateur driving has now been successfully running in New Zealand since 2002. Many hundreds of people have now experienced the thrill of driving a harness horse at one of the many courses run throughout the country.

The reasons for attending our courses vary as widely as the participants themselves. Invariably though it comes back to an avid interest in horses and particularly harness racing combined with a strong desire to experience the action first hand. 

The courses cater for all levels of experience, so regardless of whether you have never touched a horse in your life or you are handling and driving them on a daily basis the course is tailored to meet your needs.

Many of our course students have now gone on to obtain their amateur race day licence and are participating on a regular basis in amateur workouts and races. Each region can boast a hotly contested annual race series, which culminates in the successful drivers competing in the NZ championships. So if you fancy the chance of saluting the judge at either Addington or Alexandra Park, then this could be for you.

If that wasn't enough, regular inter-provincial challenges are also staged, as are the opportunities to compete against teams of visiting overseas drivers. Several teams of local drivers have also enjoyed the thrill of travelling to the USA to drive. So there are plenty of opportunities for you to experience this thrilling sport at the level of your choosing.

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